Over £100k this week!

Chapter Director Rus Rogers was pleased to welcome Gita Patel of Laser and Aesthetic Clinic as a new member to the Gravesend Chapter. Gita visited the Chapter previously, enjoyed the business networking and decided to apply for membership. We all welcome her and look forward to doing business.

Peter Vandervennin of Financial Consultancy took the education spot and reminded us all how important business cards are in first impressions. He said that the standard within the Chapter was generally high, but said it was always worth looking again and asking yourself whether your cards actually reflect the quality of your business and carry enough useful information.

For this week’s 60 seconds some members swapped presentations with each other which certainly livened things up and showed familiar businesses in a totally different light. There was of course plenty of humour and theatre involved and Damon Trott took the opportunity to cross dress (again!)and don lipstick and eyeliner as he looked at Camilla Seton’s permanent make up skills from the male perspective. Jas Rai and Todd Miller provided the theatre with step ladders and tool bag, presenting the health and safety work of John Winson. Dan Insley did a very funny and accurate impersonation of John Ogden, our peripatetic personnel consultant, which won him the 60 second award.

You want me to do what?!

Peter Vandervennin of Financial Consultancy gave his ten minute presentation on Buy to Let mortgages, how they were assessed and how Peter will work to get the right deal for his client. I can’t pretend to understand the technicalities of Peter’s work but he clearly understands the market and is prepared to research all aspects of a particular deal before recommending a lender or a course of action. There are many firms ready to provide finance for Buy to Let but but only one will offer the right deal for the buyer. Peter is the man to read the small print and weigh up the mortgage offer before the final signature.

Referrals and testimonials are of course an important part of any BNI meeting. This is the direct, work generation section and this week we had 82 referrals for work exchanged between members. A referral is not a guarantee of work but should offer a clear opportunity and introduction for a member to take up. The fact that the system works is demonstrated by the high value of business conducted within the Chapter. This week alone £105,613.05 worth of business was recorded.
Testimonials to excellent work or service supplied are read out and often supplied in writing. This week the work of the following companies was recommended: Financial Consultancy, Specialist Dog Training, Minuteman Press, S&O Windows and Doors, Focus Electrical, and Roger Crosby Photographic.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Gravesend BNI Chapter should ask any member or talk to our Membership Co-Ordinator, Dave Meaney on 07894 670237.

With some regret, I have to tell you that this blog No.75 is my last Blog for Gravesend BNI. I took the blogs over from Kathy Carter and have enjoyed writing them.  I hope you have enjoyed reading them and found them useful. Best Wishes to the Gravesend Chapter and all it’s members and every success in business. Roger Crosby, roger@rogercrosbyphotographic.co.uk


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