Gravesend Chapter BNI. Weekly meetings

Chapter Director, Rus Rogers was pleased to present Mike Thornton of PCL and Thornton with his BNI Eleven Year membership badge. Congratulations Mike!

Peter Vandervennin of Financial Alliance took the education slot and, following his “back to basics” policy, reminded us of the importance of one to ones. He said that they provide the best way of getting to know  more about a member’s business, their personality, background and contacts.  If you are looking for that Golden Referral, a 121 with a fellow member may just provide it.

The 60 second presentations tell us a little about the members and something of their goals and aspirations. Within the 60 seconds we should learn who they are, what they do, why we can refer with confidence and what type of referral they are looking for. Some members bring visual aides to liven their presentations and Chris Warden of Move2Clear and Andy Olsen of Zine UK. always try  to get attention and make us laugh with their props and well prepared 60 seconds.  This week the prize went to me, Roger Crosby of Roger Crosby Photographic  – so I must have ticked all the boxes!

The  ten minute presentation was by Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training. Jackie has a list of qualifications as long as your arm and these are backed by years of experience, so she is not just a dog trainer but  an Accredited Animal Behaviourist. Jackie looks for three levels of referral from BNI. One is selling dog treats and food. Second is training puppies and dogs to walk on leads, sit, wait etc. Thirdly she can help pets with behavioural problems like chewing furniture,  slippers or the postman!  Jackie is also qualified to educate junior school  children about their pets and pet care so she would like referrals to local head teachers.

In the referrals and testimonials that followed, Specialist Dog Training was praised around the room by the many grateful dog owners. There were also testimonials to excellent work and service of: S&O Windows and Doors; Performance Carz; PJ Office Services and North Kent Cleaning Services.

An impressive 115 referrals were passed this week and Thank You for the Business was recorded at £37,408.13. so BNI is working for its members.

Estelle Gillett of A Healthier Life Wellness Centre is the new Events Co-Ordinator and reminded us that the next membership support training will be held on 19th November, 6.45 -10 am at The Village Hotel Maidstone. Estelle said  that all members, new and old, can benefit from attending these courses at least once a year.

Anyone interested in finding out more about BNI Gravesend should ask any member or speak to Membership Co-Ordinator, Dave Meaney on 07984 670237. Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me,


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