Business Breakfast Meeting

A business meeting within the BNI structure so familiar to members this week.  The education spot was taken – off the cuff- by Damon Trott of Utility Warehouse. Damon’s message was brief but very important for self employed to remember. He said that NO is not negative. If you get a rejection, just smile and move on to the next YES.

Members were told that small jobs and large projects passed between members over the last six months within the Gravesend Chapter was recorded at an amazing £1.7 million! Proving once again that BNI really works.

The 60 second presentations were businesslike and to the point this week and Andy Olsen’s clever use of props won him the prize.

Andy Olsen of  Zine Uk Ltd gave his 10 minute presentation of his Web Design Agency.  Zine is a pan European digital media company with 23 franchises and Andy works hard  providing on-line training for small businesses who want to control their own websites. Zine also works to gain page one on Google for its clients. This increases their web traffic and improves credibility on line. Andy told us that Zine provides a bespoke media marketing package which helps with social media and even takes time to tweet for a busy client!

Referrals and testimonials are the life blood of any BNI Chapter and must be taken seriously by all members. The Membership Co-Ordinator, Dave Meaney has a time-consuming job reading and recording each referral and would very much appreciate more clarity and accuracy on the pink slips. He is asking everyone to write clearly with full names and to remember to tick the internal/external box. This week 93 referrals were passed and business between members recorded at £30,600.

Anyone wishing to find out more about this leading Gravesend Chapter should ask any member or speak to the Membership Co-Ordinator, Dave Meaney on 07894 670237. Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me Roger Crosby on 07740 919451.


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