New team, new ideas, new business

As Chapter Director, Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy introduced his management team. There were some familiar faces and some new faces but all had the same ambition, – to build on the Chapter strengths, keep us in the lead and provide more business referrals for the members.

Power teams have always been problematic so the management have come up with a new military styled approach which hopefully involves all members to some degree.Called Operation Harbour Wall, it was explained to us by Chris Warden in clear, army briefing style.Members are allotted to a team or regiment with a leader and given a new mission each month. I could tell you more but I would have to kill you afterwards!

This being the first meeting, there was no ten minute presentation. Instead some of the team outlined their goals and duties for the new term.
Peter Vandervenen of Financial Consultancy is the education officer and will go back to basics and ask members to suggest education topics that they particularly want to know about.Peter will do the research and provide the information.
Dave Meaney of DKM Consultants is Membership Secretary and will also provide information and explanation of the Traffic Light and PALMS statistics.
Chapter Director Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy is looking to raise individual contribution from members and encourage them to work as a team. Because of the excellent strength of the Chapter, he will “keep on keeping on” and promote Team Gravesend.
He has a point about the Strong Chapter. In September Gravesend passed 415 referrals and £500,088.00 in business between members with £1.2 million passed over the last six months. This week we had 105 referrals and nearly £28,000 in business between members recorded, – so a great start to the new season.

Anyone wishing to the visit this outstanding Chapter should ask any member or talk to our Membership Secretary, Dave Meaney on 07894 670237.
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