End of Summer

Today was the last meeting for the present management team headed by Jackie Murphy. The last six months have been lively, fun and with record breaking quantities of business referrals and business value passed between members of the Gravesend Chapter. In this meeting alone members passed 101 referrals to each other with over £21,000 of business. Over the last six months, business passed has topped the £million mark.  Jackie and her team led the chapter to growth and set the bar high for the next management team which is led by Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy who is certain to be ready to meet the challenge!

It was Rus who gave the education spot this week, recommending a bit of light reading to help our business goals and ambitions. Russ said there were many good business books and brought several to our attention. An old classic from 1937 – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: The slight edge by Jeff Olsen and Screw it let’s do it by Richard Branson.

The sixty second presentations were entertaining to say the least! The theme was “Props” as used in business but there was also a great display of talent with members loving the chance to show off a bit! Ryan McKenzie showed his flamboyant side with his eye catching baby- grow, see photo! I don’t know what his message was but it won him the sixty second prize anyway. Chris Warden wheeled in his bike and called us all “pl*bs”. (Might be some work for our solicitor Mark Blenkarne) Todd Miller showed that good plasterers can stand on their head. Jas and Jag brought along a radio controlled car to play with. Kasan Goh brought along electric guitar and accompanist to sing a rendition of a Beatles number and Dan Insley, not to be outdone, jumped on stage and tickled the ivory with a fast, jazzy little number.

Damon Trott of Utility Warehouse was next on stage with his Ten Minute presentation. Damon said that Utility Warehouse was quite simply about saving money on services. Broadband, telephones, gas , electricity, all covered by one simple bill at substantially lower prices than the competition and he handed round a summary of price comparisons for all to see. Another way to save money is to use the Utility Warehouse Discount cards which could save enough money to pay the monthly services bill! A major strength of Utility Warehouse is their UK call centre and the fact that if his customers have a problem, Damon in person is the first port of call. He is not merely an employee, but a business owner and he will chase and resolve any issues that may arise.

After a brisk round of referrals and testimonials and social announcements, Jackie brought her last meeting to a close. She thanked her management team and all the members for their support and the Chapter in turn thanked Jackie for her hard work and leadership and presented her with a large bouquet of flowers which nearly stopped her saying anything else! Jackie did recover enough to welcome the new team led by Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy who then introduced his new team members. I am sure all Chapter members will support the team in work to keep Gravesend BNI at the top of the tree.

How do you get attention here?
It’s my go now!
Sittin’ at my pyanna
Guitar boogie
Oi! you lot of Pl*bs!
Ok which ceiling is it?

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