The sixty seconds presentations were brisk an to the point this week highlighting a wide range of services with many members including their USPs. One strength of BNI is that it makes us examine not only what we do but who we are before we stand up in front of 40 people and try to sell our services.Until asked to do this, one can be too introspective and imagine everyone will want to beat a path to our door. Someone who understands the need to communicate her business goals and services is Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto Electrical who won this weeks best presentation award.

Someone else who takes his work very seriously and has a no-nonsense approach to industry is John Winson of Chapter Safety. During his ten minute presentation John explained that he will look at workplace practices and suggest safe and legal work procedures which are relevant to the company, rather than a list of general requirements which do nothing to promote a safe working environment. He said that managers should use the Government Health and Safety website for guidance but beware of the small detail within other commercial Health and Safety sites which can be misleading. John wants to de-mystify health and safety and offers a bespoke service without a retainer because he believes everyone has the right to return home safely after a days work.
Referrals and Testimonials which are the heart of BNI was next on the agenda.  A testimonial to the fine service of Alan Johnson of Hometyre was read out and 75 referrals were passed between members. £14,094.30 worth of business was recorded.

With a reminder about next Thursday being Visitors Day, the meeting was closed by Chapter Director Jackie Murphy.

Anyone wishing to visit this busy Gravevsend Chapter should ask any member or talk to our membership co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406. Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me roger@rogercrosbyphotographic.co.uk


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