From little acorns………….

Russ Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy took the education slot this week and recommended a book he had been reading called The Slight Edge which teaches you how to achieve success in all aspects of your life – in your health, your finances, your personal relationships and family life. It deals with the small behaviours we choose to do or not to do that makes the difference in your personal productivity. Brilliant in its simplicity.
Russ summarised it as “little things make a difference” and pointed out that if we each sent one invitation a week to join visit our Chapter, this would add up to 2,300 for the Chapter a year which certainly would make a difference.

The sixty second presentations saw a huge range of businesses and skill being showcased. The sixty second time limit makes us all concentrate our thoughts and produce something of interest for the meeting.  This week it was won by Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy who obviously practices what he preaches!

The ten minute presentation was given by Dan Insley of Clicks Media Studios who gave a high tech presentation which actually worked and certainly held everyone’s interest. Clicks Media Studios is a video production company working for all size companies from SMEs to large, high profile clients. Dan said he was working on Animated Videos for web sites which were very cost effective for small companies and could make them 53 times more likely to be on Google front page than a static site. His latest project is to promote on-going video packages which refreshed their sites each month with a short video ensuring a fresh look.

Referrals and testimonials were delivered with military precision this week when our two ex army runners dressed in uniform and did a lot of shouting(and running). Business leads keep flowing in this Gravesend BNI Chapter with an amazing 103 referrals passed between members this week and £35,306.31 worth of business recorded.This is why Gravesend BNI is a Gold, Number 1 Chapter.

Testimonials to exceptional work and service were read out to; Riverview Clinics,Medway Flooring, PCL and Thornton, Clicks Media Studios and C. Howell Painting &Decorating

Anyone wishing to visit this busy BNI Chapter should ask any member or talk to our  Membership CoOrdinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406.

Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me


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