FAB Meeting

Russ Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy took the education slot this week and asked what we thought F.A.B meant. I thought I knew because I remember the Sixties (well some of them) but no, – turns out to be a marketing anagram for Features And Benefits. Boring maybe but essential to know the difference between the two when you want to promote your business. Russ told us that many major firms promote mainly their benefits. Features can be less important to an ad man,- think of Coca Cola, or Apple. Russ asked us to think of a feature of our own business which leads to a benefit to the customer. Not easy, a bit like thinking of USPs but quite different.

The sixty second presentations followed with many people trying to include F.A.B and many succeeding. The winner this week for doing just that was Estelle Gillett of A Healthier Life.

Jack Gibbs of Print and Sign World gave his ten minute presentation and told us some of the background to his company and the sort of jobs he could do for us and our contacts. Jack told us they had recently invested in three large printers to cover all display, advertising and point of sale requirements. He said the company always bought the best equipment and materials so he could feel confident about every job they supplied.
Print and Sign World supply a lot of marketing items like fridge magnets and mugs. “They are a great way to keep your number in front of the customer”  said Jack.

Referrals and testimonials followed briskly with 102 referrals passed between members at this meeting alone and £9691.21 worth of business recorded.
Testimonials were given for the fine work of C. Howell Painting and Decorating, Perrys Chartered Accountants, Hometyre and Move2Clear.

Before closing the meeting, Chapter Director Jackie Murphy was delighted to congratulate John Ogden on behalf of all the members on reaching the fine age of 75. John was presented with a large Chocolate Birthday cake but without candles owing to health and safety concerns! John also bowed to health concerns and shared his cake amongst the members. Happy Birthday John!


Anyone wishing to find out more about the much travelled John Ogden or indeed the rest of the Gravesend BNI ,should ask any member or talk to our membership CoOrdinator, Karen Lewis on 07977813406.
Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me, roger@rogercrosbyphotographic.co.uk


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