Gold meeting at a Gold Chapter

Colin Howell took the education spot this week with some thoughts about BNI referrals. He reminded us that we as a Chapter have referred business worth over £1 million pounds in the last six months. Now that is an achievement and Colin asked us to consider which members we thought might have benefited most from those referrals. Ask the question in our minds “who gets what?” He suggested we look at each members giving their 60sec presentation and ask ourselves 1.How many referrals do they get? 2. how many do I get from them? 3. How many do I give them? Colin said if we analyse the answers we might well be able to adjust our referral antennae and boost the referrals we give to some members.

We had the bunting out again this week and the 60 second theme was based on the Olympics. This generated some pretty creative thinking among the members and some great presentations were performed. Karen Lewis of Medway Carpets brought along some bronze, silver and gold standard carpet swatches and picked a real Usain Bolt lookalike to help show off the samples! Some very good odes were penned for the occasion and we had a remote controlled tank (don’t ask!), a sports commentator, a basketball player, a track event runner and our very own Olympian, Mark Blenkarne who competed in 1980 Olympics and came 4th in Archery.The winners this week who tied for first place were Rob Collins for his ode and Mark Blenkarne for actually doing it!

Olympic bunting
sports commentator

The ten minute presentation was given by Steve Kennedy of PaymentSense. Steve chose to tell us about himself, his background and his ambitions. It is always interesting to hear bout the person rather than the job and Steves story was no exception. He enlisted in the Royal Navy aged 17 and served five years. He worked in the motor trade with Mercedes Benz for some years before attending Greenwich Univeristy and graduating with first class honours in 1995, finishing off with a post grad in education. Steve applies all this knowledge and experience to his current job with PaymentSense and believes that the most important aspect of his work is after sales service.He obviously caught peoples interest because there were many questions from the floor after his talk.

There were 86 referrals passed this week and £10,742.46 worth of business was passed between members which isn’t bad for the holiday period. This shows that BNI and especially BNI Gravesend is a serious way of doing business with a bit of fun thrown in!

Anyone wishing to find out more should ask any member or talk to our membership Co Ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406.
Feedback and comments always welcome on LinkedIn or to me


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