Sunshine and laughter

Chapter Director Jackie Murphy was pleased to welcome two new members today. Alan Johnson of Hometyre and Andrew Olsen of Zine UK accepted their new member packs and agreed to abide by the BNI code of conduct. They are both welcome additions to the Chapter and we look forward to giving and gaining referrals for them.
Rus Rogers told us in the Education slot that being successful in BNI was all about trust and discussed ways of gaining the trust of members. One to Ones are the strongest way of getting to know each other but trust and confidence can be gained from networking and joining in the social events. By socialising with someone you get to know more about them and this in turn leads you to be more inclined to look out for referrals.

The sixty second presentations were great fun this week with many people swapping each others presentations. This put a whole new twist on the businesses as well as giving a chance to poke a bit of fun at the member concerned with some very funny impressions given.The positive benefit of all this was seeing a completely different aspect of an otherwise familiar business. One of our visitors this week was Genny Jones the Confidence Queen who joined in the fun and was a ray of sunshine in her presentation, projecting fun and confidence to the whole group. The winner was new member Andrew Olsen of Zine UK who gave a funny and yet strong presentation of his web design business.

Robin Kundu gave a confident ten minute presentation of his business, Greenleaf Property Services which specialises in property management and letting. Greenleaf are also estate agents, buying and selling domestic and commercial properties for clients. Robin told us the buy-to-let market was still very successful and his experienced staff, plus his own thirty years experience as landlord and tenant, meant they can give a first class service to landlords. Greenleaf Property Services are also starting a commercial letting service which is going well because Robin and the staff are prepared to book viewings over a weekend not just mid week.

Gill Russel, Assistant Director for BNI South East, was at the meeting and said it was always a pleasure to visit the Gravesend Chapter. Gill urged members to visit the BNI website and to log in and participate.

With members keeping their referrals brief and to the point, and having two speedy runners(!), Jackie Murphy was again able to close the meeting on time at 8.30 am.

Anyone interested in joining in the fun and business should ask any member or talk to our membership co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406. Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or direct to me


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