Brief and to the point

With 44 members all wanting their 60 seconds and to give referrals, Chapter Director Jackie Murphy started the meeting by saying that she had to take measures to clip some time off various items as it is BNI policy to end meetings by 8.30am. This was reinforced in the education slot by Colin Howell who asked members to be brisk and specific when giving referrals and for all members to be aware of the need to proceed quickly through the set agenda.
Jackie had the pleasant task of handing out membership year flashes to Mark Blenkarne of Apex Law – member for 12 years. Matthew Twitchett of Mathews Plumbing and Heating -9 years. Peter Vandervennin of Financial Alliance -2 years. Nick Keilly of North Kent Cleaning Services – 1 year.

The sixty second presentations were brisk and high standard. We had Chris Warden of Move2Clear dressed for survival in a nuclear holocaust. Mark Blencarne of Apex Law had penned an ode and Jas Rei of JRM Auto Repairs set up a telephone conversation with Gareth Bridgland to feature the type of work JRM Autos will cover.That did the trick and Jas won the 60 second presentation.

Darren Walker gave his ten minute presentation on the work of Focus Electrical Contractors Ltd. Darren told us that he liked nothing better than to be working on site and being involved with installations and repairs. He even enjoys the challenge of complicated boiler wiring which many electricians shie away from. Recently Focus Electrical has been working at The O2 Arena on a range of projects including modular lighting installation and heavy duty armoured cables. Darren said that he will cover all types of work, industrial and domestic from fitting a plug to full rewiring of premises.

Referrals and testimonials were noticeably brisker and more efficient. Testimonials were given to PJ Office Services, Western Provident Association and of course many members praised Focus Electrical. There were 79 referrals passed and work worth over£33,000 passed within the Chapter.

The request to be brief and stricter time keeping certainly worked because Jackie Murphy was able to close the meeting at 8.20 am.

Anyone wishing to find out more about this leading, Gold level, Gravesend BNI Chapter should ask any member or speak to our Membership Co-Ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977813406.
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