Plumbing the Depths – efficiently!

The meeting began with the education spot taken by Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy. Rus got us thinking about USPs. A Unique Selling Point can help the buyer to make a choice between competitors and be the one deciding factor that leads the buyer to choose one company over another. Unfortunately USPs are difficult little critters to get right. It isn’t enough to claim to be good at what we do or to have done it for a long time, many competitors can claim that. If asked directly what is our USP, the mind tends to go blank or come up with a generality. It is worthwhile therefore to think hard and try to come up with something in your service or product which which is truly unique. Rus asked us to try to include a USP in our sixty second presentation and this proved to be difficult for many members including myself.

The winner of the sixty seconds was Anita McAloren or Autosparx Auto Electrical who gave a good clear presentation and included her USP that all her operatives were trained and accredited in what they do, unlike many of her opposition!

The ten minute presentation was given by Matthew Twitchett of Matthews Plumbing and Heating Services. Matt used his trusty flip chart presentation method which was very effective in telling us about his company. He enthusiastically talked about getting rid of old boilers and pointed out the pros and cons of various new central heating systems. He includes power flushing of heating systems as a standard part of his care because that is the best way to care for any system. He is Gas Safe Registered so able to deal with all types of installations, repairs and servicing. Matthew also provides general plumbing service, fixing things like a dripping tap or a leaking radiator and especially loves dealing with blocked toilets and macerators – well I think that’s what he said!

The referrals and testimonial section was entirely in praise of Matthew and his skills with member after member recounting work Matt had done for them. A few others did get a look in with testimonials for the excellent work of Damon Trott of Utility Warehouse, Colin Howell(painting and decorating) and Jackie Murphy (behaviourist and trainer).

There were 89 referrals passed this week and business recorded between members was £12,226. Jack Gibbs of Print and Sign World was especially mentioned as leader in June for passing business worth a massive £17,238.

Anita McAloren told us about the many out of Chapter events that she was promoting including BNI training, open committee meetings,BBQs, bowling and golf tournaments which are all detailed in the many emails she sends out. A hard working social secretary indeed!

Anyone wishing to join in this busy, Gold level, Number One Kent Chapter should ask any member or talk to our Membership Co-Ordintator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406. Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me Roger Crosby on


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