Chapter Director Jackie Murphy opened the meeting by congratulating the Chapter on reaching Gold Level status and handed out the coveted gold badges to each member. A Chapter wins Gold badge status for holding 40 or more members for six months. Gold Chapter and still number ONE in Kent, – now that’s an achievement for all of us to be proud of! The management team led by Jackie Murphy has dedicated a lot of time and effort on Chapter work and is to be congratulated on this record breaking achievement.

Rus Rogers had an interesting concept in his Education spot. Rus said that “luck” was something within ourselves and good luck actually relied on our perception and in seizing the opportunity. Our brain filters out the huge amount of information and stimulus received from all around us. This enables us to concentrate on a selection of received stimulus and it is when making that choice that we prioritise our thoughts and our actions, thus creating our own “luck”.

Chapter Director Jackie Murphy had great pleasure in handing out two awards this week. They went to Camilla Seton of Beauty and Aesthetics and Roger Crosby of Roger Crosby Photographic. Both awards were for consistent high quality contribution to the Chapter. I think it fair to say that both of us were equally surprised and delighted to receive the award. So a big Thank You from both of us!

The 60 second presentations were as good as ever and carried a theme of individual care and attention members gave to their clients. The winner this week for a bit of cheeky plagerism went to Jas Rai of JRM Auto Services.
It was Visitors Day and we welcomed four visitors to the Chapter. There was a web designer, a business designer, a fire alarm installer and a venue manager. All of whom could contribute greatly to our power teams.
For the visitors’ benefit, there were two main presentations today. The first was Camilla Seton of Beauty and Aesthetics who told us that her work as a beauty technician was far more than a bit of eye liner and lip gloss. Camilla’s permanent make-up enabled women to take control of their appearance and boost their confidence and self esteem. Camilla’s work has transformed women’s lives and that gives her great pleasure and satisfaction. However she would like her male team members to really try to understand her work get her some referrals! One to Ones needed!
Jackie Murphy is a behaviourist and trainer and took the next presentation to tell us about her dog training and obedience work. Jackie takes her skills to schools and educates youngsters in all types of pet care. Jackie runs junior pet care courses for all types of pets and through instruction, demonstration and practical fun, she increases children’s understanding and enjoyment of their pets. Now we can all harass headmasters we know to get her some referrals!

Referrals and testimonials were busy this week with 100 referrals passed. and business between members recorded at £15,267.19. In June members passed 576 referrals and £69,616.50 worth of business which is brilliant. Three members contributed greatly to this total. Kasan Goh of Clay Architects brought in 15 referrals, Peter Vandervennin of Financial Alliance 17,and Melvyn Potter of Potters Kitchens and Bathrooms 21. Congratulations to them from all Chapter members.

With a reminder that all are welcome to the next Out of Chapter Meeting next Monday evening (16th) at The Barn, the meeting was closed by Chapter Director Jackie Murphy.

Anyone wishing to join this top achieving Chapter should talk to any member or contact our Membership CoOrdintator, Karen Lewis on 07977813406. Any comments or feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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