Gravesend BNI Thursday 21/06/12

Being the longest day it was of course raining hard at 6.15 am as I walked from the car to the main door of our meeting venue. I nodded to the road sweeper near the door and thought “what  a job ” before rushing in to keep dry and have my coffee. Whilst chatting and networking (not the same) I suddenly noticed that the road sweeper had been invited in for a coffee. How many referrals could there be here? I thought in my selfish way. When he lifted his head and grinned at me I realised that he was actually Chris Warden of Move2Clear! Why he was dressed in old clothes, donkey jacket, wig and cap was not too clear at that stage but it was clear  that Chris loved his role and was certainly noticed by everyone.

In his Education slot, Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving reminded us that Goals were very important. Goals for life and Goals for business helped us achieve more and be more successful. Rus said it was vital to identify our goals and to write them down to help the brain focus on them. Short term and long term goals keep us focused and when written down are a strong reminder of where we are going and what we really want to achieve.

I read somewhere a piece on 60 second presentations where the author often found them boring and uninteresting. That is never the case at Gravesend Chapter these days! Even the subs get into the spirit of the Team Gravesend and go further than simply reading a script. Paul O’Brian of B&P Accident Repair stood in for John Ogden and proved to be a very good substitute for the real John! We have an accountant with a sense of humour in Gareth Bridgland of Perrys Chartered Accountants and we had “Trigger” the road sweeper telling us about his broom which had been in the family for generations and why he couldn’t be employed by Chris Warden of the Move2Clear group. Reality though shone through and Dan Insley of Clicks Media Studios gave the winning presentation by ticking all the right BNI boxes and getting his message over clearly and interestingly .

Mike Jones gave his first ten minute presentation to the Chapter using photos and headings ina very good slide presentation. Mike is  an estimator for EPPS who have been building and working on major civil contracts since 1841. .Mike told us that EPPS comprises of a group of seven companies. and he set out what each did and mentioned that although a large company EPPS handled all sizes of jobs from £57 to £5 million plus. He also told us of his key clients  which included Housing Associations and NHS hospitals. I think many of us were surprised at the scale of Mike’s business and impressed by the list of qualifications the company held inc. ISO 9002. Now we know more about what Mike does, we will be looking for more referrals for him.

Referrals and testimonials followed with lots of business opportunities passed between members. This week we had 79 referrals and recorded business passed between members at £36,422.45

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy told us about the latest Out of Chapter meeting to which all are invited. She said they had discussed ways to increase points, the progress in Power Teams  and member presentations for Visitors Day on July 5th.

Anyone wishing to join in this lively business group should talk to any Gravesend Member or contact our Membership CoOrdinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406.  Any comments or feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me Roger Crosby on                                     roger@


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