BNI Working Breakfast

After our tea/coffee and early morning networking, Chapter Director  Jackie Murphy opened the meeting and PJ took the education slot. In his usual forthright style, PJ took us through the filling in of referral slips. These are a vital part of BNI and need to be properly completed so that the referrals and work can be recorded for BNI Headquarters. They all have to be read and entered into the system by Karen, our Membership Co-Ordintator so PJ asked everyone to ease her work load and fill in the slips clearly and accurately.

We have had a high number of referrals for some weeks now which is great and Karen Lewis told the meeting that there were five members who had provided particularly high numbers over the last month. To be congratulated are Jas Rai of JRM Auto Services, Kasan Goh of Clay Architecture,   Camilla Seton of Beauty and Aesthetic, Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto Electrical, and the winner being Melvyn Potter of Potters Kitchens and Bathrooms with 28 referrals last month.

The 60 second presentations, as this week’s judge (Damon Trott) told us, were of consistently high standard with tales of work done and difficulties overcome.  Karen Lewis of Medway Flooring brought in some samples of the new carpet fashion – artificial grass! Not bad as a lawn either. David Meaney of DKM Consultants overcame his complete loss of voice by using flash cards and the voice of Nick Keily sitting next to him.  The winner this week was Todd Miller of TDM Plastering whose plaster is never a disaster!

Melvyn Potter of Potters Kitchens and Bathrooms was thorough and comprehensive in his 10 minute presentation. Using OHP presentation, he told us of his background, qualifications and achievements, and the services he offered. With pictures and samples Melvyn shows us some kitchens with bespoke units made in Germany from rigid carcasses. He can also offer Bathrooms and Wet Rooms  as well as fully fitted Bedroom furniture. Melvyn does a lot of refurbishment for churches and is always looking out for more. For very job large or small, Potters will supply and fit the products, do complete refurbishment including plumbing, plastering and electrical work and most importantly to the householder, take away all old baths, units and rubbish from the job.

Referrals and Testimonials were busy as ever. In fact we had another record amount of 107 referrals this week!  Testimonials for high quality service were read out for Steve Kennedy of Payment Sense, Steve Parkes of S&O Windows, PJ of PJ Office Services, Todd Miller of TDM Plastering and Estelle Gillett of The Wellness Centre.

BNI is about business and in May two members each passed more than £10,000 worth of business to other members. Peter Jones of PJ Office Services – £11,650.00 and Robin Kundu of Greenleaf Property Services – £11742.00. With members passing this sort of business value to each other, it is easy to see how the Chapters’ six month total of recorded business is a staggering £1,093,128.13

Anyone wishing to join in this type of market place should talk to any member of Gravesend BNI Chapter or contact our Membership CoOrdinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406.

Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or directly to me, Roger Crosby on


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