Jubilee Week

The tables looked very festive on Thursday with jubilee bunting all around, jubilee napkins, a cup cake and glass of Port and a new mug for everyone printed with jubilee photo of The Queen on one side and Number One BNI on the other! The meeting had a strong Jubilee theme throughout with our own “royal” presence in the form of Damon Trott dressed as the Queen in fetching red robe, shawl,handbag and complete with a splendid crown. A brave man, with the courage to carry it through the whole meeting.

Other members dressed in red-white and blue variations with two ladies in wonderful Union Flag dresses. (see photo) The sixty second presentations were fun as well with Damon Trott (aka -Queen Trott) telling us in a posh high pitched voice how one saved a lot of money using one’s Cash-back Card from Utility Warehouse!Camilla Seton and Anita McAloren had prepared an ode each on the Jubilee theme. Nick Keily sang about North Kent Cleaning Services in his own rendition of God Save the Queen which was funny and could probably have put him in the Tower!

Some of the Team in Jubilee Spirit

Harry Tobin of Western Provident Association started his ten minute presentation with an exciting video of Biathalon 1972 in which Harry took part. This gruelling sporting event is not for the faint hearted. It is evidence of Harry’s character and determination to get the best medical treatment he can for his clients whether or not he makes any financial gain. WPA enables fast medical care for its members on all problems from car crash injuries to hip and knee replacements. The aim is to offer the best medical attention possible within a much shorter time frame than the National Health can offer. WPA policies, Harry told us, are economic and apply to individuals, families or companies.

BNI Gravesend Chapter had plenty to celebrate. There was the Jubilee of course; being number one in Kent; and the fact that we had passed business between members worth over £1 million during the last six months. No wonder a toast to The Queen and a cup cake where in order!

We had also collected £700 in our charity account and members decided to donate it to local charities. Members nominated their favourite charity and seven draws were made from a hat. The result was that EllenorLions Hospices received £300, and Save the Children, The Parkinson Society, Wisdom Hospice, Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps each received £100.

This is a great way of sharing our festive mood and putting something back into the community.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Gravesend Chapter of BNI should ask any member or contact our Membership CoOrdinator, Karen Lewis on 07977813406. Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or direct to me, Roger Crosby on roger@rogercrosbyphotographic.co.uk.


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