Men at Work!

Rus Rogers took the education slot and gave us a few pointers to make the most of the open networking before the meeting. It is very tempting to just talk to someone you already know over coffee and look around to see who else you are safe talking to, but as Rus said, we should talk to people we don’t know. Not just about the weather either, Rus suggested that we structure the conversation to get information from them about their business and their requirements.Ask questions and think what referrals may be possible and who to introduce them to if they are a new-comer. Only by getting to know someone, member or guest, can we find business for each other.

The sixty second presentations followed with tales of work done last week and many clear and well defined requests for referrals.Steve Kennedy was judging this week and he decided that the award for the best presentation should go to Chris Warden of Move2Clear for his amusing guided tour of various houses from lighthouse to green house that he and his team could clear.

Andrew Holden of S.E.A.S Scaffolding gave his first 10 minute presentation whilst his team assembled a low level scaffolding platform before our eyes – in the centre of the room. It was fascinating to watch the swift, confident construction which was an education to many of us. While the lads worked, Andrew was able to tell us about his company,the training involved for the teenagers he took on and the care he took with all types of jobs, large or small.

Men at Work?!

Referrals and testimonials followed and produced 73 referrals for possible work to members and £42,347 worth of business between members was recorded. Testimonials were read for work done by many members this week including work by Andrew Holden of SEAS Scaffolding, PJ of PJ Office Service, Michael Mew of Riverside Clinic and for a sub this week, Tim Box of Headway Hypnotherapy who was given the “thumbs up” for his successful hypnotherapy.

Amita McAloren reminded us of the MSP training on 18th June at the Russell Hotel. I have been to several of these evenings and would recommend them to new or long eterm members. There is always something to learn,they are good fun and provide another chance to network and raise your profile.

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy reminded us that since the next meeting is in Jubilee week, we are invited to wear red, white and blue and prepare our 60 seconds around the Jubillee theme. Should be fun!

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Number One BNI Chapter at Gravesend should ask any member or call our Membership Co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406. Any feedback or comments always welcome on LinkedIn or to me, Roger Crosby of


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