Is there a “Normal Meeting?”

After the usual get together for chat and networking over coffee early in the morning, the main meeting was opened by Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy, who asked the leadership team to introduce themselves. This happens every week, not only for the benefit of visitors and subs, but also to remind Chapter members of all the people who are putting in that extra bit of effort on their behalf to keep the Chapter running smoothly.

The education slot was taken by Damon Trott of Utility Warehouse who said that BNI was all about building relationships, often over a long term. He said that this was best done by taking part and being a team member and through having one to ones with every member. The benefits would then follow, sometimes slowly but reliably and certainly.

One member who I am sure would agree with that is Melvyn Potter of Potters Kitchens and  Bathrooms. Melvyn has been an active member of Gravesend BNI for Twelve years now, passing record numbers of high value referrals. He was presented with his Twelve  Year Badge by Jackie Murphy.

60 second presentations got under way with an ode  penned by Camilla Seton. Quite a few quick thinking members made use of a room set which had appeared in the middle of the meeting room to illustrate points in their presentations. Steve Kennedy of Paymentsense didn’t need any props to win the prize with his impassioned appeal to rid the world of Streamline card readers.

The room set was courtesy of Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear. He used it during his ten minute presentation  to demonstrate, with the aid of his two skilled operatives, how to safely lift a sofa and take it through a doorway without touching the door frame and setting off specially rigged alarm lights. Chris explained that removals and house clearance had to be performed safely and efficiently for the benefit of customers and staff. Move 2Clear has four sections in its structure. These are house clearence and removals, courier work, holding an auction once a fortnight and most recently opening a retail outlet in Strood.

Referrals and Testimonials were busy as usual with a record 110 referrals passed between members and business recorded worth £25,557.01. Darren Walker of Focus Electrical received 10 referrals as a result of one thing he said during his 60second presentation. Darren linked electricity with water, talked about potential electric shocks through bad earthing, and obviously caught the attention of the members! The solution was simple, if you have had a new water meter, let Darren check with his meter! Ten referrals followed. Just shows the power of a good 60 seconds!

Testimonials were read out regarding the exemplary work of Medway Flooring, JRM Auto Services, Move 2Clear, S&O Windows and Doors, Camilla Seton Beauty and Aesthetics and C Howell Painting and Decorating.

Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto Electrical is our current social secretary and has been very busy organising events for members, friends and family. We have had an open meeting at Cobham, bowling in Gravesend,a brass band gig in Gravesend, a very successful Bingo night in Rochester and a black tie Dinner Dance coming up soon.

Anyone wishing to learn more about this successful BNI Chapter should ask any member or contact our Membership Co Ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406. any comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or direct to me, Roger Crosby on


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