Straight to the Point

Peter Smith of Icon Business Solutions is really getting to grips with the organisation of Power Teams. He has created three teams headed Property, Business and Services and has aimed to group together members of common interests and markets. He is also determined to involve members in the teams and, to focus efforts, he has produced a questionnaire and asked everyone to answer by Tuesday that he can move on to the next stage. Have you returned your questionnaire yet?

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy, was delighted to present Mike Thornton of PCL and Thorntons with a 10 year member pin. Throughout his membership Mike has been an active, valued member of Gravesend BNI Chapter and has referred jobs worth many thousands of pounds to other members.

Some 60 second presentations were slightly off- the- wall this week with members coming up with strange ideas to catch our interest. Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto electrical brought Buz Lightyear and Woody along; Steve Rouse of the Logo Centre was recruiting an army of soldiers to wear and sell his product;  Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear got all emotional and Nick Keilly of North Kent Cleaning Services took us back in time to the mid 90’s.(Well he’s only young!) which was fun.  The winner of the 60 second presentation this week was Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto Electrical. Buz Lightyear came through yet again!

Mark Blenkarne of Apex Law brought law to our door in his 10 minute presentation. Mark is never the dry, impersonal supercilious lawyer because he always introduces the human element into his business. Mark said that Lawyers are often invisible and indeed they sometimes have to be, but he aims to be straight forward , understandable and approachable.( And, as past Archery Champion to Olympic Standard, his aim must be true! Ed.) Mark said that his core business was commercial conveyancing although of course he and his business partners got involved in a wide range of litigation on behalf of his clients. One of his greatest challenges was to complete all the work within the time allocated! He said that this was becoming more and more difficult with complex legislation and he often went far beyond the time he charged for.

The important section of Referrals and Testimonials followed with many, many recommendations for Mark around the table. Members had been busy within the Chapter as we had 8 Testimonials read out for Chris Warden; Jas Rai; Robin Kindu; Mark Blenkarne; Anita McAloren: Colin Howell; Nick Keilly and Dave Meaney. 85 referrals were passed and £18,545 worth of business recorded between members.

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy talked about the Out of Chapter meeting held last Monday. She said that everyone enjoyed it and found it useful, and reminded members that everyone was welcome to come along and participate. She also told members that on June the 6th there would be a Jubilee theme to the meeting and members might want to come dressed in Red White and Blue and flavour their 60 second presentations with Jubilee references.

Anyone wishing to take part or just visit this sure fire BNI Chapter should ask any member or contact our Membership Co-Ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406. All comments and feedback welcome on LinkedIn, BNI Connect or direct to me, Roger Crosby on


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