BNI Kent Number One Chapter – Gravesend Team

We started early and everyone joined in for the Team Photo. Well, it is something to be proud of isn’t it – being number one Chapter in Kent!

The education slot was taken this week by Steve Kennedy of Paymentsense. Steve pointed out that we are a collection of totally different people within the Chapter, with nothing much in common except the desire to get more work and earn more money. This is achieved by working as a team to find and pass referrals to each other, something Gravesend Chapter is very good at and gets us to number 1.This lead can be maintained if members use one to ones get to know more about everyone in the Chapter.

Props can add interest and a focus to 60 second presentations. This week members brought in props used in their business although their application was not always immediately apparent! We had a solicitor with a hedge trimmer, an insurance broker with army rations, a courier with an army riot helmet and a commercial mortgage broker with a golf club. Each though was well incorporated within the presentation and captured everyone’s attention. Camilla Seton promoted her charity marathon run supported by her sparkly bra and raised more than a few eyebrows!

Rob Collins of Hanover Mortgages talked us through some aspects of commercial finance during his ten minute presentation. After a broad outline of what he did and what he would like to do, Rob focused on one aspect of his services – the advantages of buying commercial property instead of renting it. He took us through a typical example of renting a property for £10,000 pa or using a mortgage to buy the property which could require lower monthly repayments. Rob’s presentation was clear and well prepared resulting in lots of sensible questions around the floor.

Referrals and testimonials were brisk business with 83 referrals and £9,452 recorded as business passed between members. Testimonials were given about the service and work of Nick Keily and North Kent Cleaning Services and of Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training .

Anita McAloren our Events co-ordinator reminded us of the next MSP training to be held at The Russell Hotel on May 21st at 1.45pm and Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy closed the meeting.

Anyone wishing to visit Kent BNI number one Chapter should ask any member or contact our Membership co- ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977813406. Any comments or feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or to me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451.


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