Talk about Support!

Being visitors day, things took a different slant to accommodate visitors and  tell them something about BNI and how it works. The education slot was taken by Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy who asked what £1000 might buy us in the way of advertising our business. A half page newspaper ad as a one off, a series of small box ads perhaps (or even a Google ad for 3 months) -these would get your name out for a while but there would be no follow-up and no inter-action with your potential buyers. With your BNI membership comes a huge interactive market place with which it is easy to promote business,a vast member support mechanism and of course the all important personal business referrals.

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy, had great pleasure in presenting two awards for Outstanding Performance.  One went to Anita McAloren of Autosparx Electrical and the other to PJ of PJ Office Services. This award is in recognition by the committee and members of the real contribution, extra time and enthusiasm that they have put into their BNI membership.

The sixty second presentations were very effective in the promotion of members’ businesses and all of high standard. John Ogden, who was judging this week, had obviously taken the task very seriously , and said that almost all measured up to the BNI criteria of telling us who they are, what they do, why we can refer with confidence, who they are looking for and with a memory hook at the end – all within one minute! John weighed up all these presentation points and decided that the winner was Kasan Goh of Clay Architecture Ltd.

Instead of the usual 10 minute presentation, we had two members talking about their BNI benefits. Anita McAloren of Autosparx Electrical has been with the Gravesend Chapter for seven months and has committed herself fully to working at her BNI membership, visiting other Chapters and going to Membership Training events. She has found that her annual membership fee was repaid through referrals in two months. But Anita said that it wasn’t all about money, she also enjoyed the social contact with other members and welcomed the support they gave her.

PJ of PJ office services is a long term BNI member of 12 years. He is totally committed to the Gravesend Chapter, working tirelessly to enable the smooth running and success enjoyed by the Chapter. PJ said that BNI was about building relationships and that you had to work at BNI if you wanted work and support from BNI. He told us that we should not be afraid of competition, there is enough business to go around and competition can open doors. People do business with people, not with fancy sounding promises. PJ said that he built his business largely through referrals and BNI recommendations and a good way to do this was through one- to- ones with members, – get to know who you are working with and who you are working for.

Referrals and testimonials followed with 98 referrals, many of which given by Melvyn Potter and Anita McAloren. Thank you for the business was recorded at £35,498.25. Testimonials for great work were given to Steve Parkes of S&O Windows and Doors, Todd Miller of TDM Plastering, Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training and Roger Crosby of Roger Crosby Photographic.

Talking of support, Camilla Seton is looking for sponsors of her Charity Moonwalk and has promised to wear her sparkly bra on the walk! This is a walk in Hyde Park on Saturday 12th May in aid of Cancer Research. and deserves all the support we can give it. Follow Camilla on Facebook for an easy way to donate or read her email to members.

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy is pleased to announce that Gravesend BNI Chapter is once again NUMBER 1 in KENT and NUMBER 2 in UK and Ireland. Well done Team Gravesend and keep up the good work.

Anyone wishing to visit this great, lively, NUMBER ONE Gravesend BNI Chapter, should ask any member or contact Membership Co-Ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406 Comments and feedback always welcome through LinkedIn, BNI Connect or directly to me, Roger Crosby 07740 919451.


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