The WOW factor

Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy opened the meeting with the usual introduction of the leadership team and what they do for the Chapter. Routine perhaps but also reminded me how many people were actively working to help the Chapter and help the members. The team put in a lot of hours outside of the Thursday meeting just to make things happen which benefits everyone and doesn’t go unnoticed.

Rus Rogers of Ambition driving Academy took the education slot , greeting us in French which at least got everyone’s attention  and opened a fair bit of interaction based largely on Anglo-French relations! Rus reminded us of the importance of everyone listening to each and every  sixty second presentation. It’s not encouraging to the presenter to see people writing out slips or fiddling with their phones whilst he or she is trying to sell their product or services.

The sixty second presentations then followed with revitalised greetings and good natured  interaction between speaker and audience. Presentations were interesting and informative with many speakers telling us about a particular job or task they had achieved during the week. I talked about a digital retouch and enhancement job, which got a few thoughtful looks around the table. Probably trying to decide between red or brown sauce on their breakfasts! The winner this week was John Ogden of John Ogden Associates who built on the Anglo – French stimulus and incorporated it into his presentation.

The WOW! factor was introduced by David Meaney of DKM Consultants during his 10 minute presentation. Dave gave us his background and qualifications in Civil engineering and Quantity surveying before moving on to photos and details of many jobs he had completed in the area.Dave’s “Before and after” photos brought the presentation to life and showed clearly how his excellent planning and guidence had transformed the domestic properties he had worked on. Each transformation was greeted with a WOW! and certainly made an impression. I and many others were surprised how a well drafted extension could make a huge improvement to a modest property. After many years of working with local councils and property owners, Dave is an expert in drawing up and submitting planning applications, as well as overseeing the work to completion. He ended his fascinating presentation with a rogues gallery of very funny amateur modifications to properties.

More WOW!s followed when referrals and testimonials recorded  80 referrals and a Thank You for Business total of £283,346.59 with one transaction alone from Damon Trott of Utility Warehouse recorded at £180,000.00. Exceptional certainly but not unrepresentative of the sort of business done by our members through BNI referrals.

The final WOW! came from our Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy who was celebrating a milestone birthday and was presented with a lovely bouquet and card from all the members at Gravesend Chapter.

The next meeting (May 3rd) is Visitors Day when we hope to welcome web designers, florists and car leasing companies.

Anyone interested in joining the Gravesend Chapter should ask any member or contact our Membership Co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07977 813406

Any comments or feedback always welcome on LinkedIN or directly to me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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