Appearance Matters

Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy was first up with his education slot. Rus was looking very smart in a dark suit and tie and looked every inch a businessman ready to talk the talk with senior management. Rus said that first impressions were all important and they were based on appearance. It was no use going to a board meeting dressed in teeshirt and trainers if you wanted to get a contract signed. Rus reminded members of Visitors Day on May 3rd and suggested that we dressed to impress.

Rus was not wearing his suit when fronting his 8 piece Brass Band, – the “No Limits Street Band” in Gravesend on Saturday night however! He was dressed for the occasion though (see photo) and the band gave a fast and powerful performance. The audience (including many BNI members) loved it, calling for loads of encores.

The No Limits Street Band

The 60 second presentations were fast and interesting  and it was my task to select a winner this week. This proved difficult as the standard was high around the room. Steve Parkes of S&O Windows always does a good presentation telling us Who he is: What he does: Why we can rely on him and Who he is looking for. Chris Warden of Move 2Clear kept the bar high with a bit of pure theatre bringing with him a very tatty, dejected looking castaway whom he had allegedly collected. (Someone else who dressed for the part!)

Anyone for Prawn Cocktail?

However, the winner this week was Camilla Seton of Beauty and Aesthetics. Camilla’s presentation ticked all the boxes as it  was well prepared, funny, informative and she is clearly passionate about her work which is all about appearance and confidence..

PJ of PJ Office Services had his ten minute presentation and took us confidently through the many aspects of his work and customer care. PJ reminded us that Hard Drives are not magic but mechanical with moving parts that can and do fail, even if they aren’t thrown on the floor!  We learned that solid state hard drives are the future and already working well in many computers. PJ also approves of LED screens as they are low energy  and bright with good definition. Because PJ is such a caring, considerate person, he wants his customers to use only the best and so recommends Kingston memory pens for short term back-up and storage. However, so that he can sleep at night, he would like all computer users to use his off site back-up. That way he can take care of any issues and his customers know that their  contacts, data and even family photos will be safe when their computer fails.

Referrals and testimonials are the core of BNI and everyone likes to participate. This week we had 88 referrals and £5,195 worth of business recorded. There were testimonials around the room for PJ with many satisfied customers blowing his cover by telling us his customer service is second to none. There were testimonials to  the fine work of  Anita McAloren; Darren Walker: Chris Warden: Clive Cole: Steve Parkes: Peter Vandervennin and Dave Meaney.

Reminders followed about Members Support Training on 26th May and the Chapter Pub Lunch on Thursday 26th April at The Leather Bottle, Cobham before Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy closed the meeting.

Anyone who fancies seeing this Gravesend Chapter for themselves should talk to any member or contact our membership Co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 07797 813406.

Comments and feedback always welcome through LinkedIn or direct to me, Roger Crosby


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