Good for business – Good for you!

Jackie Murphy, the Chapter Director, opened the meeting with the happy announcement that Jas Rai of JRM Autos had just become a dad and on behalf of all the members, congratulated him and his wife, Mandy on the birth of their son.

Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy took the education slot and had us all on our feet doing Mexican Waves. After a few rounds people were less enthusiastic and some stopped altogether before the momentum was finally lost. Russ said that BNI was like that MexicanWave, – it relied on everyone working together and doing their bit to be successful and keep their Chapter at the top.

Listening to the 60 second presentations, I realised how important it was to be clear and precise with your sales pitch and to engage with your audience and keep their attention.

I was delighted to win the award this week so I may have been clear, precise and engaging, – but actually it was because I showed a recent photo of two cute little dogs. They won the award for me!

Russ Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy did his 10 minute presentation and was very clear, precise and engaging with his explanation of his goals and ambitions. Russ is very aware of eco driving and told us he can reduce fuel bills dramatically. He pointed out that modern cars need modern driving techniques to get the best performance.

He is also qualified in fleet driver training and wants  to make companies improve their driver awareness. Russ wants to talk to MDs and fleet managers because a collision impacts not only on the vehicle and people involved, but also on the company , costing time and money with increased insurance costs and frightening liabilities for owners and managers.

During referrals and testimonials I noticed how most people were much more confident and engaged with other members whilst giving  referrals. I guess they no longer felt under the spotlight, but were simply doing what BNI is good for, – business.

Certainly there was plenty of business going on with a “drum roll” figure of 98 referrals passed and £28,888.26 worth of actual business recorded this week. Well done to all concerned.

Anyone wishing to visit this impressive business group should talk to any Gravesend Chapter member or contact our Membership Co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 01634 712072.

Any comments or feed back always welcome on LinkedIn or direct to me, Roger Crosby, email


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