BNI – Business, support and fun

This being the last meeting of the present management team, Garath Bridgland was in end -of -term headmaster mode  for his education slot. He gave us a review of how to make the best of BNI using its structure of referrals and testimonials and urged us all to participate as team members.

The 60second presentations seemed to focus on the years of experience and the qualifications of the members. It became apparent what a wealth of experience there is among the Chapter members. Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear did a punchy 60 seconds with his own take on a Carlseburg advert, but the winner this week was Kasan Goh of Clay Architecture who held everyone’s attention while he donned a high vis. jacket and told  us about his company.

Michael Mew of Riverside Clinics had ten minutes to tell us about his work in Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese MedicineAfter years of study and a string of qualifications and why we could refer him with confidence. This he did very effectively by simply telling us about the man behind the white coat. As he said, trust is an all important part of his work. Starting with his tag line of “ancient remedy- modern practice”, Mike gave us some personal background into his engineering training and early computer programming days during which he developed his all important diagnostic skill. This he puts to good use when observing and talking to a patient.  Mike looks at “how” and “why” whilst taking an holistic approach to healing his patient.

Referrals and testimonials were busy as usual with 91 referrals recorded. and testimonials to PJ of PJ office Services and of course loads of testimonials around the table to the superb work of Michael Mew of Riverview Clinic. Thank you for the business  this week came to £27,164.00,  however the total business recorded over the last six months came to a staggering £731,737.95. a great achievement for the members and for the Chapter.

Chapter Director, PJ brought his last meeting to the close (on time as usual) by thanking his management team for their help and support . He then welcomed the new Chapter Director, Jackie Murphy who will be guiding the Chapter through the next six months.

Anyone wishing to visit the Gravesend BNI Chapter, should ask any member or talk to the new membership co-ordinator, Karen Lewis on 01634 714982 . Any comments or discussion on this blog are always welcome on LinkedIn or to me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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