Gravesend BNI – Good for business, Good for you

I wasn’t able to be at this meeting so I arranged a sub for me and a sub for the blog. Thank you Jackie Murphy Specialist Dog Training, for taking notes and supplying all this information ready to use.

The Penultimate meeting of PJ and the team went as usual with timely items and quick wit.

Education:  Gareth asked “What do we do when a member is giving their 60 seconds?”  He highlighted the importance of listening and making a note of what they have asked for.  Being courteous by giving the speaker our attention.  They ask for an introduction to Alan Sugar -we may or may not know him personally – but may have a contact within Alan Sugar’s empire (wonder if he has a dog that needs training!)  Or we may know of a person in a similar role in a competitors empire – Donald Trump

As Nick Keily from North Kent Cleaning Services won the 60 second trophy last week it was his job to judge this week’s best 60 seconds.  Many of the members linked into what members had said last week or this week.   John Winson gave an impressive list of various health and safety criteria of how he can help companies, this impressed David Martin so much that he forgot his own profession and stated he was a security and safety company – however recovery was slick and smooth for the ex-Navy man and he covered many aspects of his firms business all within the 60 seconds.   Damon Trott pronounced to the members that he is now full time in Utility Warehouse and is looking for business and owner contact details to write to.  Jas Rai has now decided to fix all cars, – anything from  Ladas to Lamborghinis and promised to fix your smelly air conditioning.  Karen Lewis and Nick Keily were looking for nurseries to either lay down carpet or clean and last but not least Darren Walker can now apparently sort out your love life – using his soft lighting as ambience.

So who won the best sixty seconds ? It went to Dave Martin!

It was Gareth Bridgland’s 10 minutes.  He avoided talking about the latest budget and told the chapter about his qualifications and passion for tax – why else would he not be called the tax assassin!  Not to mention his black belt in karate.  He also talked about Perry’s and what he and Perry’s can offer members :  Tax Compliance, Accounts and Audits, Company Secretarial services (not Gareth himself, but I suppose ……….. no) and much more.  Gareth works at the Wrotham office and is looking to help you and I save money with our Taxes.  He is honest, dedicated and works hard to achieve his goals.

Today’s referrals – 89 – that’s a lot of potential work within the Chapter.
Thank you for the money today – £74,628.04

Anyone wishing to get a slice of this work and money should talk to any member or contact our membership co-ordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793908122

Any comments or feedback can be posted on LinkedIn or sent directly to me, Roger Crosby   on roger@, or this time have a word with Jackie!


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