ten minutes or ten seconds

The education slot was this week taken by Jas Rai of JRM Autos(see Jas’s Angels last week!) Jas talked about the difficulty some of us have inviting guests to the Chapter. He recognised that it was difficult and a struggle for some including himself, but said we should sell the benefits of BNI membership. The support, the referrals, the business passed as well as the fun of the meetings. That would give us confidence to search for guests. Jas urged us to use the BNI invitation postcards as well as personal or telephone contact with potential guests.

The 60 second presentations were of the usual high standard with some inventive ideas put forward. The winner this week was David Meaney of DKM Consultants who’s gave a clear and concise presentation with all the key BNI features.

The membership Co-ordinator, Melvyn Potter , told us that last month (February) the Chapter passed 337 referrals and a total of £112,066 worth of business passed between members. .

It was my ten minutes this week as Roger of Roger Crosby Photographic and  I found how ten minutes could shrink to ten seconds!  I had decided to show a range of photography from commercial / industrial to portraiture  and had prepared  photographs and timed my presentation. However, on the day,  I found that I hadn’t allowed enough time to actually display the photos!  Still trying to complete my plan, I saw the timer speeding into a blur! However, I managed to put across the main points of A;-my experience in industrial photography and B:-the time and hopefully skill that I dedicate to every portrait session at my studio. My main USP’s being a stylist present at the photo shoot and all retouching carried out in-house.

In referrals and testimonials the runners were perhaps not as pretty as last week, but non the less very efficient and charming! (See photos) The sight of Todd Miller and Colin Howell in pink Teeshirts (second hand) and pink Tutus was a sight not easily forgotten! Testimonials were read for Karen Lewis of Medway Flooring and Roger Crosby of Roger Crosby Photographic.

Two for Tutus!

A very impressive total of 94 – yes, 94 referrals were passed this week and Thank you for the Business passed was recorded at £20,538.20

At a recent Indoor Bowling match arranged by Nick Keily for Chapter members and guests, the overall winner was Russ Rogers with 278; second was Karen Lewis with 273 (Karen may have just mentioned her success to friends, to Facebook, – in fact everyone!) and  Rob Collins came a very creditable third with 255. Sadly I don’t seem to have my score to hand (!)

Anyone wishing to join this strong, successful chapter of Gravesend BNI should talk to any member or contact Membership Co-ordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122

Thoughts, comments or feedback always welcome on LinkedIn or directly to me,Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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