The Power of the Printed Tee Shirt!

I don’t know whether it is refreshing or worrying that youngsters still know about the old urban myth of throwing your car keys in a hat at one of those 60’s swinging parties, but Gareth Bridgland of Perrys Chartered Accountants certainly used the idea at Gravesend BNI education spot! Well almost – what he actually did was to put all the members’ business cards in a box and pass it round for each member to pick a card at random. Whoever’s card you picked was the person that you booked a one to one with. Gareth explained that one to ones are a vital link to other members and an excellent way of finding out more about that member and their business so that you can  help each other get  referrals.

Members were required to bring a prop for their 60 second presentations, and if they didn’t have one, one was supplied by PJ! This produced many interesting tales and many weird and wonderful props which certainly focused members attention on the presentations. Nick Keily of North Kent Cleaning brought along his “Blue Peter” cardboard cut-out of his forthcoming exhibition stand. Jackie Murphy, dog  behaviourist and training specialist, left her lovely dog, Teddy, at home and brought along Doobie, a soft hand-puppet dog to help her with her “leads”. Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Acadamy made up for Teddy’s absence by directing his assistant around the room with clear, authoritative instructions. This slightly surreal presentation won Rus won the trophy for the week. The whole session certainly gave our two visitors an insight into this Chapter.

Steve Rouse of the Logo Centre used his 10 minutes to tell us about and show five different printing and embroidery processes used to add pictures or logos to all types of clothing. Steve explained the advantages and disadvantages to each process and passed around examples. Smart business wear showing the company logo not only advertises the company but also gives customers a good impression and builds confidence in a firm. His products are well known to members as many carried his work on their Tee shirts or jackets.

We were shown two more totally unexpected examples of Steves work by our runners for referrals. Karen Lewis and Camilla Seton  ran on wearing very fetching pink Tee shirts with a photo of Jas Rai on their chests and the words “Jas ‘s Angels”  emblazoned underneath! This drew attention to the print transfer method very effectively! Only if you were there would you understand why two serious, responsible business ladies would choose to proudly were these Tee shirts, but there is always time for a laugh amid the business.

Jas's Angels
Jas's Moment

Despite the welcome distractions, there was plenty of business with 87 referrals passed between members and Thank you for business recorded at £58,244 for the week. Testimonials were read out for the exceptional work of Karen Lewis, Medway Flooring: Colin Howell, C Howell Painting and Decorating: Mark Blenkarne, Apex Law: Camilla Seton, Beauty Therapist: Jas Rai, JRM Autos: Mike Mew, Riverview Clinics: and Steve Rouse of The Logo Centre.

Mike Thornton of PCL & Thorntons was thanked for generating a single referral worth £76,000 and business recorded within the Chapter over the last 6months came to £112,066.35 which is a 50%increase year on year.

Surely well worth a visit to Gravesend Chapter to find out exactly what is going on at Kent’s Number One BNI Chapter.

To find out if there is a vacancy at Gravesend BNI or just get more details, ask any member or phone the Membership Co-ordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122.

Any comments or feedback on this blog always welcome . A few “likes” on Linkedin always helps, respond on this site or call me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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