Business as Usual

After the excitement and novelty of last week’s Visitors day, it was good to sit down to a standard BNI meeting, knowing it would still be interesting and businesslike.

The education slot was taken by Rus Rogers of Academy Driving Academy who led us through the basic requirements of a 60 second presentation . Basic but very important and often overlooked, Rus reminded us of the following headings.

Who are we?

Why – should we be recommended

USB – something special

What do we want? – be specific

Memory Hook – something to be remembered by

I think the 60sec presentations are generally of a very high standard now because they have been highlighted, they are judged, and they are timed. Focuses the mind wonderfully!

Many presentations were concise, some were inventive, (Chris Warden, Move 2 Clear was Dorothy from Kansas) and the winner for all of the above points was Michael Mew of Riverview Clinics.

Another showcase within BNI is the Ten Minute presentation. This is very important as it helps members focus on one business and one  personality. This week’s presentation was done superbly by Jas Rae of J R M Auto Repairs. Jas was his usual informal, funny and totally believable self telling it how it is! It was clear that he loves what he does and he said his key to success was to tell the truth and try to get to the heart of the matter instead of just installing another spare part! During the referrals and testimonials it was clear that this belief worked because there were many favourable comments and testimonials to his work from members around the room.

There were 80 referrals this week with spoken testimonials for Anita of Autosparx, Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear and Mark Blenkarne of Apex law.

Nick Keily (Events Co-ordinator) reminded members of BNI training at the Russell Hotel which should be attended by by new members and all existing members at least once a year. Members, friends and family are also invited to Indoor Bowling this Friday evening at Gravesend.

Chapter Director, PJ (Peter Jones), closed the meeting and requested members to bring a prop relating to their business along to the next meeting.

Anyone wishing to increase their business and join this Gravesend Chapter of BNI should ask any member or talk to Melvyn Potter, Membership Co-ordinator, on 07793 908122.

Comments and feedback on Linkedin always welcome. email or call me, Roger Crosby, on 07740 919451


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