Tobogganing cancelled due to frost!

The education slot focused on visitors and visitors day. Mark Blenkarne reminded us that guests were simply visiting the Chapter with an invitation to see how we do business and meet members. Any decision to join came later and the application involved both the committee and the applicant . Mark said that on Visitors day first impressions were all important and we were actually all visitor hosts.

In fact, the Chapter had four visitors at this meeting, including a florist, a stationer, an insurance broker and a design and construction engineer. They certainly enjoyed the meeting and we look forward to applications soon.

It was show time again for the 60 second presentations ! There was some reference to Valentines Day and Mark Blenkarne brought in a lot of props and spoke plane English, and made sure things were on the level in Apex Law, but it was Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear that stole the show! The doors burst open and a hostage was dragged in by a dodgy looking terrorist. More doors burst open and two teletubbies brandishing guns rescued the hostage and secured the area,- all within 60 seconds!

Hostage released
Hostage found
Wicked terrorist

Karen Lewis of Medway Flooring gave a very professional and informative presentation during her 10 minutes. Karen proved that flooring is never boring by exhibiting a selection of bright and modern carpets and vinyls. She explained that due to end of lease, Medway Flooring would soon be moving to a smaller, warmer unit near – by. Chapter Director, PJ, complimented Karen on her presentation and hoped that members would now make an extra effort to find more referrals for Medway. Flooring.

Referrals and testimonials were brisk and numerous with 86 referrals passed and a total for this week of £37,192.19p worth of business passed between members.

After solicitors brandishing saws and hostages being rescued, it seemed quite normal to be told that the tobogganing social event had been cancelled owing to frost!

Anyone wishing to take part and get some serious business should ask any member of BNI Gravesend Chapter or contact Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122

Comments and feedback always welcome on LinkedIn , BNI Connector direct to me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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