Power Leader for Power Teams

We have had power teams at Gravesend BNI for some time but they are not an easy concept to put into practice. It takes strong leadership to drive and coordinate the groups. Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear Group is determined to lead and push members to work at their groups and gain new members. His energetic presentation identified the groups, the leaders and the team members, after a short consultation, identified the visitors they most wanted to the Chapter. These include Web designer, Banker, Air Conditioning, Building Contractor,Surveyor and Carpenter.

These visitors may well become members who will take the Chapter over the magic 40 member level and maintain our position of number one in Kent, – ninth in the UK.

Another new member was inducted this week. Jag Grewal of Performance Carz was inducted by Chapter Leader PJ (PJ Office Services). Jag’s business is in limousine hire and specialist car sales and PJ was sure that BNI will provide more business leads for him and referrals for the whole Chapter.

Members were asked to bring a prop relating to their business to use in the 60sec presentations.  This certainly added a new twist and often brought the business to life. Darren Walker of Focus Electrical used a  trolley full of props in a fast and amusing presentation clearly inspired by recent presentations! However, it was Camila Seton’s poem about her business which finally won the 60 second presentations.

Camilla held the attention of all members during her ten minute presentation as well. In her first presentation Camilla told us of her varied career moves before she specialised for ten years in Permanent Make-up, beauty and aesthetics.  She believes in the “look good – feel good factor” and her work was not just about eyebrows but relied on building permanent relationships with people . Camilla illustrated her work with photographs , asked for specific referrals and used testimonials to give credence to the fact that she  worked with clients to build their self confidence. One particular testimonial, read out by Anita McAloren, grabbed the attention of the whole group and brought a tear to  the eyes of quite a few grown men!  All in all it was a very accomplished and effective presentation.

Referrals and testimonials followed and brought in 67 referrals with testimonials for Camilla Seton of Tranquility Beauty, Anita McAloren of Autosparx , Darren Walker of Focus Electrical, Mark Blenkarne of Apex Law, Chris Warden of Move 2Clear, Mathew Twitchett of Mathews Plumbing and Heating and even a sub, Robert Bourne of Bourne and Kemp jewellers got a mention about his excellent work!

Thank you for the money cards showed that a total of £52,861 was passed in business this week. This highlighted the importance of these cards and members were asked to record every amount they earned from Chapter referrals, whether it be large or small.

Anyone wishing to gain a slice of this business at Gravesend Chapter of BNI should ask any member or contact our membership coordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122.

Comments and feed back always welcome in the BNI Connect, on LinkedIn, or direct to me, Roger Crosby at roger@rogercrosbyphotographic.co.uk


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