More business at BNI Gravesend

The meeting really starts with the early get together for coffee/tea and networking in a social way.   It’s the chance to catch up with someone or pick someone’s brains about a problem. Visitors are welcomed, introduced and given a chance to meet other business people and encouraged to participate easily. Then  comes the call for the start of the main meeting and the BNI formula kicks in.

The education spot was taken by Peter Vandervenin of Financial Alliance who highlighted business cards. Peter said they were an important advertisement for a business and should be clear with name, contact and carry some information as to the type of business. Obvious? Not if you look at a lot of business cards! Peter also recommended using both sides of the card, carrying more details about the business on the reverse.

60 seconds actually is not very long to effectively promote your business and it’s a challenge that members try hard to meet. It’s tempting to say after many years “you all know what I do” but that is not a safe assumption. It is best to assume that you have only just met the audience and need to make an impression on them. Otherwise they are more interested in their breakfast!

Mark Blenkarne of Apex Law made the  best impression this week with a bit of unashamed plagiarism , sorry – tribute  to Chris Warden’s piece last week, and won the sixty seconds award for a very funny presentation.

This week we welcomed two visitors and Jill Russell who is the Assistant Director of BNI South East and calls in regularly to keep an eye on the Chapter. Jill congratulated everyone for working hard to make Gravesend BNI such a successful Chapter and number one in Kent.

Anita McAloren had 10 minutes to make an impression which she did very efficiently with her presentation on the in-car services provided by Autosparx Auto Electrical. Anita handed round photos of the latest technical installations they had made. There have been great advances on hands-free car phone kits and music systems and Autosparx are approved suppliers and fitters.  Anita gave a confident and detailed presentation which gave a clear picture of services offered and of the clients she was looking for.

Referrals and testimonials were brisk and busy with 81 referrals and testimonials for Darren Walker of Focus Electrical Contractors, Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto Electrical, Jas Rai of JRM Auto Repairs and three for PJ of PJ Office Services.

Melvyn  Potter, the membership coordinator, suggested that we get involved in Facebook and the discussions there because that is another way to make contact and”friends” and possibly increase our networking capabilities.  Frightening as it may be to some of us, Melvyn may just have a point and perhaps we should give it a try.

Anyone interested in joining this successful Chapter should ask any member or contact the membership coordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122.

Feedback and comments always welcome and please follow discussions on LinkedIn or talk to me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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