New Year, New Business

It was great to be able to start the New Year by welcoming a new member to the Gravesend Chapter. Dave Martin of Multitech Security was inducted and welcomed by Chapter Director, PJ (PJ Office Services) and we look forward to doing new business with Dave throughout this year.

In the education slot, Garreth Bridgland( Perrys Chartered Accountants) suggested that at this start to the year, all members should check their goals and define objectives  to make sure they were getting the most form their BNI membership. He reminded us of the acronym – SMART to help with these goals.

The 60 seconds presentation had a New Year theme from members with a high standard of presentation, and the award went to Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear. Chris, aided by Steve Kennedy and many types of chocolate candy bars, gave a memorable, imaginative and very funny presentation.

John Ogden of John Ogden and Associates is one of our senior members and very experienced in the employment of personnel. John worked for 10 years as Personnel Director at Tate and Lyle followed by 25 years as an independent  personnel consultant. He used his 10-minute presentation to quiz members on their knowledge of the amazing legislation that beleaguers employers these days. John passed around a 10 point questionnaire of topics all employers should know about – but don’t. Scared the life out of many members whilst the rest (who were self – employed) breathed a sigh of relief!

Referrals and testimonials were busy with 80 referrals! Testimonials were read out for Michael Mew of Riverside Clinics, Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear and Mark Blenkarne of Apex Law. Thank you for the money this week totalled £26,200.

The stats for the New Year are very impressive showing just how much serious business is passed within the Chapter:-

Thank you for the money in December: £140,000

And over the last six months, an amazing: £1,349,048.34 worth of business has been passed

Chapter leader for referrals was Camilla Seton (Camila Seton Beauty & Aesthetics)

Highest value of single business transaction of £42,000 was from Mark Blenkarne of Apex Law

I think our members can look forward with some confidence to the New Year and with that performance coming out of the Gravesend Chapter it’s no surprise that we are back at NUMBER ONE!

Anyone wishing to join this busy team should ask any member or contact Membership Coordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122.

Any comments or feedback are welcome. please post on LinkedIn or talk to me, Roger Crosby on  07740 919451


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