Stack Day Success!

Thursday the 8th of December was Stack Day at Gravesend BNI. Members were asked to bring lots of visitors in categories where we had vacancies which resulted in our visitor hosts welcoming TEN visitors!

We had people representing architects, banking business services, builders, security, domestic cleaning, web design and scaffolders. All seemed to enjoy the meeting and passed positive comments about the Chapter. Since the meeting our membership coordinator, Melvyn Potter, has received two applications with others coming for a second visit – so a great success for all concerned.

The meeting followed a similar agenda to the norm because consistency is one of the strengths of BNI. The 60 second presentations were given during breakfast and were as entertaining and informative as ever. Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training had brought her wonderful dog, “Teddy” and with his help,demonstrated some basic training techniques. Impressive as she and Teddy were, Jackie was deprived of the winner’s cup by Karen Lewis of Medway Flooring. Karen demonstrated conclusively (with the help her heroic assistant and swatches of brand new carpet designs) that her flooring is never boring!

For the benefit of our visitors the 10 minute presentation was replaced by two Chapter members giving their individual assessment of their BNI membership.

Anita McAloren of Autosparx Auto Electrical has been a member for only six weeks but has already had her membership paid for in business referrals through BNI. She also valued the support network and the source of advice that was now available to her.

Michael Mew of Riverview Clinics has had his membership paid for many times over during his eight year membership. He said that it was a question of building up the trust of members to establish a  flow of long-standing referrals, both internal and external from outside the Chapter. He reminded us of “Givers Gain” – Work for BNI and BNI will work for you.

The usual round of referrals and testimonials followed producing brisk business with 75 referrals passed this week and a staggering £36,467 worth of business between members. Testimonials  were given to Gagi Ahluwalia of Minuteman Press; Ian Martin of Martin Insurance Services and Camila Seton of Camilla Seton Beauty & Aesthetics for their exceptional service to clients.

After some house-keeping notices PJ, the Chapter Director, brought the Meeting to a close.  Another packed, busy and profitable round of business opportunity.

Anyone wishing to see for themselves how this lively Chapter may help them should talk to any member or contact the Membership Coordinator, Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122.

Any comments or feedback on this blog are very welcome. Post your comments or discussions on Linkedin or contact me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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