BNI Gravesend meeting 1st December

Another week in business has just fled by and early on Thursday morning I found myself walking in to another meeting of our Chapter. With the help of a cup of coffee, I started  the first part of the meeting – networking with other members, guests and subs. I sometimes need to take a deep breath and fix a smile to begin with, but friendly faces and interested enquiries about business and life in general soon puts me at ease and I enjoy actively taking part. This is an important part of the meeting after all.

First up in the main meeting was Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear. Chris introduced himself as the new Power Team Co-ordinator and explained the main categories and team leaders. He said that it was his job to help the Power Team leaders to bring in more members and more business opportunities for the Chapter. Good luck with that one, Chris!

To help fill those vacancies we were reminded that the next meeting is Stack Day. Members are encouraged to bring lots of visitors who may well fall within the same trade or profession category. This can add an element of competition among those wishing to join.

In the next section of the meeting, the Chapter leaders in various fields are named. This weeks winners were Peter Vandervennin of Financial Alliance and Anita McAloren of Autosparx  Auto Electrical who brought in the largest number of referrals. Nick Keily of North Kent Cleaning Services Ltd was the winner of the 60 sec presentation. I think this was partly because he received a 90 decibel round of applause!  This was  recorded by John Winson of Chapter Safety who demonstrated exactly what level of background noise was considered harmful to the ear.

The ten minute presentation was given by Peter Vandervennin of Financial Alliance who explained  the advantages of Offset Mortgages. Peter said that anyone with savings could look at using them to off set their mortgage interest payments. This is particularly attractive now when savings are earning very low interest while mortgage interest is high. Well, I think that’s the nub of it anyhow! Obviously many members did understand Peter’s talk because there were lots of relevant questions from the floor .

To help hand out referrals we seemed to have a special guest this week! Perhaps telephone directory business is slack!

In the Testimonials and Referrals section, a few testimonials were read out. These are great for the Chapter as the written ones score in the traffic light tables and of course they boost confidence in the work of the members concerned. This week testimonials to the excellent work  of Steve Parkes of S & O Windows, Mathew Twitchett of Mathews Plumbing & Heating Services, and Todd Miller of TDM Plastering were read out and recorded.

The referrals this week totalled 56 and value of business recorded was £9461. Another good week for business!

Anyone wishing to join the fun and improve their business should ask any member or contact Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122

Please post comments or feed back on our Linkedin group -kentnetworkingforum- or contact me, Roger Crosby on 07740 919451


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