Gravesend BNI. Busy as ever!


I went away to the wilds of Cumbria and so missed last Thursday’s meeting. That was no problem  as I had arranged my sub, Estelle Gillett of A-Healthier-Life  who  agreed to take my place and represent me at the meeting. All members have a script on file which can be read out by their substitute for that meeting. This ensures that the member is still represented and does not lose potential business. Thank you, Estelle, I am told you were as enthusiastic and efficient as always!

On Thursday 17th, the serious side of business seemed to highlighted. There were warnings from the financial profession that members should make sure their tax returns were in on time in order to avoid automatic penalties and John Ogden of John Ogden & Associates, Ian Martin of Martin Insurance Ltd and Mike Thornton of PCL & Thorntons reminded all employers to make sure they were operating within the many and intricate guidelines laid down for all SME’s these days.

However it was not all doom and gloom and the 60 second presentation was won by visitor Camila Seton of Tranquility Beauty who had penned a little ode on the delights of BNI membership

Ian Martin of Martin Insurance Services Ltd worried all employers during his 10 minute presentation when he spoke about insurance to cover personal loss for company directors and officers. He explained that Directors are now personally liable for a whole range of offences (200 possible) brought about not only by the company policies but also by the actions of the employees. Martin said that Directors have ultimate responsibility and that claims had increased dramatically over the last 10 years so adequate insurance was now a must.

There were 75 referrals given by members that week and business passed was recorded as ££7541.63p

The meeting this Thursday 24th was as active as ever with two visitors and the Area Director,  Gill Russell, who keeps a supportive eye on the Chapter and its meetings.

Chapter Director PJ of PJ Office Services was pleased introduce our new member Camilla Seton of who is a beautician. Camilla has visited the Chapter before and the Chapter was delighted to welcome her as a new member.

Todd Miller of TDM Plastering entertained everyone hugely during his 10 minute presentation demonstrating  how to plaster skim a wall. He brought in a sheet of plasterboard and asked for a volunteer. Todd demonstrated the art to Nick Keily of North Kent Cleaning before inviting him to have a go. Nick did very well with his attempt – maybe he has a hidden talent. Then Todd took over and finished it off properly!

The meeting was great fun with loads of business and brought in 62 referrals and £3081.98 worth of business recorded. The visitors enjoyed themselves and the Area Director commented on what a great meeting it was.

And I missed it, sitting at a lake’s edge admiring the view!

Anyone thinking they might like to visit Gravesend Chapter and see for themselves whether they might like to take part, should ask any member or contact Melvyn Potter directly on 07793 908122

Please post any comments or discussion on our Linkedin forum or contact Roger Crosby 07740 919451


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