Thursday 10/11/2011 Gravesend BNI

Well you can’t have an exceptional meeting every week! This week was good, solid BNI doing good solid business between members and their contacts.

Members were asked to consider who their ideal visitor to the Chapter might be and mention it during their 60 seconds presentation. This did highlight a number of professions that would be good to have in the Chapter. People such as designers, builders, web designers, roofers, architects, landscape gardeners and property developers (to name but a few) would be welcome visitors . And to help find the ideal future member, Melvyn Potter (Potters Kitchens and Bathrooms) introduced a Stack Day to be on 8th December.This is when two or more visitors of the same profession are invited which adds an element of competition among visitors as only one member from each profession can join a Chapter.

The winner of the 60 seconds presentation this week was Colin Howell (C Howell Decorating). Mostly because he fearlessly championed all types of wood-chip wall paper!

Damon Trott  of Utility Warehouse gave impressive account of the size and scope of Utility Warehouse during his 10 minute presentation. It is a “little – known” company which constantly wins awards and was No 1 in the Which report over 4 years!

Damon said they were the only utility company to put all four services of gas, electricity, telephone and broadband on one clear bill with one monthly payment. Not only did they provide these services at an unbeatable overall price, they offered discounts from shopping and petrol with their discount card scheme.

I said this meeting was business as usual and there were 72 referrals passed between members with £12,304 worth of business recorded. Not bad for an unexceptional meeting!

Anyone who would like a slice of this business should ask any member or talk directly to Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122.  email

Any comments or feed back welcome of course

Roger Crosby (Roger Crosby Photographic)


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