The meeting started off seriously enough , following the usual agenda. Gareth Bridgland did the education slot and asked how many members had had one to ones during the week.  Most members had achieved at least one  and he encouraged us to keep moving forward and get to know more about our fellow members.

The 60 second presentations were based on Halloween theme and many members took advantage of the chance to dress up and put on Halloween masks etc. Much fun and hilarity ensued with some members showing their darker side, some were very funny and some plain crazy! Nick Keily donned boiler suit and a shoulder-pack vacuum cleaner to do Ghostbusters. Jas Rai became Frankenstein’s monster while PJ (Peter Jones) used an effective wolf hound mask to become even more fierce to his customers.  Melvyn Potter put on a mask and changed from Mr Efficient to a previously unknown persona with a scary voice called Potter the Rotter who seemed keen to spit- roast anyone who annoyed him!

But for pure silliness and showmanship, the trophy had to go to Darren Walker who sung his own words to “The Monster Mash” aided and abetted by Jas Rai and Colin Howell as his jack-in-the-box style chorus. It was hilarious!

The 60 seconds were so enthusiastic and slap-stick that one of our unsuspecting regular subs, Ray Finn remarked “Whoever said Music Hall is dead?”

Peter Smith of Icon Business Solutions restored some sanity in his 10 minute presentation by telling the meeting about himself and his business. He explained the basic building blocks of business and looked at ways for owner managers to grow their business. Not by expanding some areas but by careful planning and expansion of all areas of operation. Only then, Peter explained, can owners manage and control their business.

Referrals and testimonials were given next.  Members stand and pass referrals to other members; give a thank you card and the amount for any business passed their way; give verbal testimonials about work carried out by other, members or comment generally on the meeting and the 10 minute presentation. This is all recorded by scribes who can count and add up, and this week we had 46 referrals passed and £9772 worth of business.

With a quick reminder about Visitors Day next week, the meeting was closed by PJ, the Chapter Director.

Anyone reading this and thinking they would like to be involved and gain more business should ask any Gravesend Chapter member or give Melvyn Potter a ring on 07793 908122

Comments and material are always welcomed by me, Roger Crosby.

Visit the Chapter Website http://www.bnigravesend.co.uk


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