Gravesend BNI 20th October

Amazing how quickly these Thursdays come around isn’t it? Just trying to assimilate what went on last week and suddenly its Thursday and another meeting has begun.

In the education spot this week, Gareth Bridgland of Perrys Chartered Accountants  highlighted the importance of the need to move forward in business. Not to stand still. He said one way of moving forward was for BNI members  to get to know fellow members. Not just what they say at a meeting, but what their  likes and dislikes are and to learn a little about their business so that you can get quality referrals can be found. “One to Ones” do just that and can be arranged during the week or after a Chapter meeting. Gareth encouraged all members to seek One to Ones with each other and said that the Chapter officers and committee would be arranging One to Ones with  each member during the next few weeks.

Anita McAloren of Autosparx C Vehicle Security had been to our meetings as a visitor, decided she liked the way BNI works, and applied to join. Her application was successful and so Peter Jones as Chapter Director, was pleased to welcome her as a new member this week. Anita has already given and received referrals and work within the chapter.

The 60 second presentations were brisk and informative as well as being great fun! Chris Warden of Move 2 Clear won the trophy this week for his tongue- in- cheek, sideways dig at modern technology. He brought along real blackberries, oranges, apples and egg boxes to make a very funny and imaginative presentation.

Colin (the artist)Howell gave his ten minute presentation and was the consumate, relaxed professional while demonstrating the correct way to paste a length of wall paper. He made it look so easy!  He talked of the value of preparation before any decorating job and why it is best to spend that bit more and buy a quality wall paper.

Nick Keily of North Kent Cleaning Services reminded members to book now for the Christmas Party which this year is to be a Masked Ball held on December 16th at the Old Town Hall, Gravesend.

Business has been brisk this week with 68 referrals and over £12,000 worth of business recorded this week alone.

Lots of work passed in  September with  330 referrals and, over the last six months, members passed referrals worth £1,218.557.77 !

Gravesend BNI obviously  works and anyone interested in joining our Chapter should ask any member or contact Melvyn Potter on 07793 908122

Have a great week and please start or take part in any discussion of this blog on Linkedin. Apparently a few “like ” tags help as well!

Roger Crosby


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