I don’t think there really is a”typical” meeting at our Chapter. True we always run through a set agenda, but it’s the members who make each meeting unique.

This week in the education slot, Mark Blenkarne  reminded us that referral slips must be completed accurately and legibly. He said they are the life blood of the Chapter and the information on them has to be recorded for BNI headquarters. Mark also pointed out the change in the new style slip which includes the box for internal or external referral. This adds a new statistic and helps in analysis of business referrals. We like to give referrals but it is vital that we also give enough info for the records.

Our 60 second presentations are getting quicker and slicker but by no means boring! you never know what’s going to happen. This week we had Nick Keily juggling eggs! He was making the point that business managers have enough to juggle without worrying about cleaning the premises. If a cleaning crisis arrives it can be one too many  and the balls or eggs come tumbling down! Fortunately the eggs were hard-boiled – well most of them!

However, the 60 sec presentation prize was awarded to Jackie Murphy who said exactly what she needed to say and within the time limit.

The 10 minute presentation this week was given by Jack Gibbs whose company “Print and Sign World”is based in Parrock street, Gravesend. ” Each new job must be discussed with the client to find out their exact requirements” Jack told us. “It is also important to establish a realistic deadline,- and keep to it.” With that sort of good business sense demonstrated, we all feel more confident about finding work for Jack.

Business passed between members is crucial to us all and in September we recorded £36,880 worth passed within the Chapter.

This week alone Thank you for the Money cards totalled £8,744 and we passed 65 referrals for business opportunities to our fellow members.

So I think you will agree that there is plenty of action and plenty of business at the “typical” Gravesend BNI meeting.

If you wish  to visit the Chapter,  contact any member to see if we have a vacancy or speak to Melvin Potter on 01474 331280

If you would like to add anything or comment on this post, please let me know and we can open out the discussion.




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