New team at Gravesend BNI

Thursday 6th October 2011 was the first breakfast meeting for the new team under the Chapter Director – Peter Jones. PJ has the task of guiding our Chapter towards the goal of 40+ members and even higher ratings.

Anyone who knows PJ will understand that the meeting was brisk and efficient and ended on time!

The new team is organised by Melvyn Potter, the Membership Co-ordinator who will chair committee meetings and guide the chapter through its “house-keeping” and general management.

Each BNI meeting runs through a set procedure, but involves a lot of work behind the scenes which is done by the committee to ensure a smooth running and effective meeting which provides as much business opportunity as possible for the members. And indeed a lot of business is passed between members at the Gravesend Chapter which is now the Leading chapter in Kent. Our Chapter is over 11 years old and still has 4 of the original members so I guess it’s working for them!

Last month we had 330 referrals, the total business passed over the last 6 months was £1,218,557! Not bad for small business owners in these hard times.

Anyone who would like a chance to get more business, improve their turnover and have a slice of the action is welcome to enquire about vacancies within our Gravesend Chapter.

Ask our membership co-ordinator, Melvyn Potter (contact details below) or any of our members. There is a free breakfast on offer for your first visit and a chance to tell around 40 local business owners about your business.

I would like to thank Kathy Carter who has had to relinquish her place with us. She helped me with this my first ever blog and she will be sorely missed in our Chapter

That’s all for now. Any feedback is welcome. Have a good week in business

Roger Crosby

Visitor enquiries to:

Melvyn Potter  tel.01474 331280.


Visit our website at:



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