LinkedIn tips – how can Groups work for you?

Here are some Top Tips for using LinkedIn by Kathy Carter of – part of a series of 10

Pose questions in LinkedIn Answers – these can be genuine questions, or just a way of raising your profile. For example, if you are a web programmer, and you wanted to make contact with web designers, you could pose questions that you know web designers are likely to answer. You can then make contact with them and begin networking. 

Join Groups. This is the best way to connect to people that aren’t in your ‘connection’ of friends and followers, e.g. people that have mutually agreed to share access to their profile. Set up a group for your industry – you aren’t yet able to give it a vanity URL, e.g. a short website address like, but you can use a link shortening service like tinyurl – for example, the Kent Networking Forum’s LinkedIn URL is

The Kent Networking Forum is on LinkedIn .

If you are a Kent Business owner and would like to meet new contacts, come along to a business breakfast on a Thursday morning in Gravesend, UK, Kent. We are having a ladies’ day visitors’ day on Thurs 7th July, for women in business! BNI Gravesend’s website is – . Contact a member today.


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