June 9th Gravesend BNI overview – Jackie Murphy teaches old dogs new tricks

Gravesend BNI meets every Thursday morning for a business breakfast – around 35 members join us each week; it is a great way to start the day in a WEALTHY way!

Here are our stats from June 9th

Referalls passed in the last six months – £602k

Business passed in between members in May 2011 – £xxxxxxxxxx <figure in pounds>

Business passed this week – £xxxxxxxxxx <figure in pounds>

Referrals passed today – x xxxx <a figure/number>

Business passed in last six months between members – £xxxxxxxxxx <figure in pounds>

On June 9th, Jackie Murphy of Specialist Dog Training shared a 10 minute presentation about her skills and service.

“Specialist Dog Training has been set up to provide pet owners with a good quality, first class training and behaviour service. One that allows veterinary surgeons and other professional bodies to safely refer clients to,” she says. “We are based in Kent, South East England, but cover various locations in London, Essex, Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

“Using the services that Specialist Dog Training offers means that all methods used are kind, non-invasive and humane to the dog; we do not believe in harsh methods of training. Training and behavioural programmes are personalized to suit the needs of dog and owner.”

Why choose Specialist Dog Training?

Because Jackie holds qualifications in both teaching and behaviour management; she also believes that in holding these recognised qualifications, she will not only provide a full professional service, but the training given will be enjoyed by both owner and dog. Contact Jackie via Specialist Dog Training today for advice on dog training, if you are Sth East-based.

Did you know……. the Kent Networking Forum is on LinkedIn .

If you are a Kent Business owner and would like to meet new contacts, come along to a business breakfast on a Thursday morning in Gravesend, UK, Kent. We are having a ladies’ day visitors’ day on Thurs 7th July, for women in business! BNI Gravesend’s website is – http://www.bnigravesend.co.uk . Contact a member today.


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