£80 k in business passed yesterday at Gravesend BNI – plus, Ambition Driving Academy showcases its wares

The Thurs 19th BNI Gravesend breakfast meeting was a great success!

Rus Rogers of Ambition Driving Academy provided the 10 minute slot –

“I believe that learning to drive should be fun and not hard work. My goal is to help people achieve the freedom and flexibility of having a full UK Driver’s Licence, and do this is in the quickest and most enjoyable way possible,” he states.

Approved Driving Instructor

Rus passed out some great flyers offering a free, 1 hr taster driving lesson – ideal for anyone that is currently having lessons, but isn’t quite sure that their instructor is very effective.
“I get a lot of people that have been learning elsewhere, but feel that they are not making a great deal of progress or they simply don’t get on with their instructor. I can very quickly figure out where you are in the learning process and give you some quick fixes to many areas that you may have been struggling with,” Rus explained.

Call 0800 840 9559. Visit http://www.ambitiondrivingacademy.co.uk/

BNI Gravesend

The stats for Gravesend BNI’s chapter of business owners are impressive – referrals between chapter members in April were 228, and in April £58,378 worth of business was mutually passed. On Thurs 19th May, a staggering £80 k was accounted for in ‘thank you for the business’ cards, while 54 referalls were passed.

There are various member slots free, notably lettings agent and graphic designer – whatever your business, why not attend on a Thurs morning from 7am-8.30am –

Contact us by logging onto our website  – any member can help with your enquiry and arrange a visit with a potentially free breakfast – http://www.bnigravesend.co.uk

Tweet us at – http://twitter.com/kent4business

 Find us – Facebook Page –  

Join the Kent Networking Forum – LinkedIn –  


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