Networking news

The Gravesend BNI chapter hosted a brilliant visitors’ day on 5th May – £22k of member business was passed, or £543k in last six months. Networking really is a great way of developing your business confidence and of course meeting new contacts and trusted suppliers.

Many supporters know that we have launched a new LinkedIn forum – the Kent Networking Forum.

There are some AMAZING discussions on there about business tools. Here’s what Clive Knowles says in our thread about seo (search engine optimisations) and its effect on website design –

Don’t stop SEO when the website is built!

Thinking a little deeper about what we actually mean by “SEO”, what we are trying to do is ensure we “score” well in all the areas measured by the search engines.

One of the simple things (in simple terms) are links TO your website. The content, quality, and quantity of these are taken into account when your site is ranked. There is a whole sub-industry (sub to SEO) devoted to gaining links.

This, Social Media, and other out-side elements have a role to play in SEO. In my way of thinking, these are all “off-site” SEO measures. There are lots of ways to do this, including all of those you mention. Generally the more difficult it is to get a link “from” a particular website, the more worthwhile it is. Some of the best are:

Links from BBC website
Links from National Newspaper website
Links from County Press website
Links from “Article” websites, which allow you to list your website in the credits
Links from Highly-regarded and highly-relevant Blogs

The ranking of the (linking) site is critical. This is why links from the BBC (PR10) and major Social media sites are important.

Clive represents Goldhosts, a web design co. based in Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom.


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