Read a few of our tips on how to successfully network

You will no doubt meet people whose networking techniques are a little forceful or may come across false and insincere, but there are also people who want to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships.

Networking takes time and effort – stick with it as you can form invaluable business relationships.

Develop a social network. Social networking is becoming extremely popular – with over 30 million members on facebook in the UK alone, this is a huge market that you need to be a part of. Building friends, groups and followers initially takes a lot of time and hard work, but once you have developed a good following the news you post will be reaching a significant amount of existing and potential clients.

Think how many friends you have on your personal social media platform…if you develop an interesting site that people visit, they will recommend it to their friends, who will recommend it to their friends and so on…

Invite people out. So much work is done over the phone, by email or even tweeting – don’t underestimate the importance of face to face meetings, they’re a great way to network.  People will remember being taken for a coffee as opposed to being sent another email.

If you are given a business card make sure you get in contact with them somehow. Send them an article that may be of interest or some news that may affect their industry.

We’d love to hear any more tips and techniques on how to successfully network. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts.


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